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A community for all things horror...

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Name:Creepy And Crazy
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Community description:A community for all things creepy and terrifying!

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(In Progress, new community, and looking for mods!)

Welcome to Creepy/Crazy, a Dreamwidth community for all things eerie and freaky. Membership is open for now, but there are so quick rules. Please read through them before you join.

-This community was begun after I left Livejournal and missed my favorite community, ONTD_Creepy. This is a new journal hom efor fans of all things creepy, eerie, and crazy, who may miss that community but havn't found a place they dig here on DW.


...Are pretty simple. Read them, know them, or you'll be kicked from the community, and if it gets too bad, we'll have to go members only. Please just be chill and don't make me do that. :)

1) Flaming, Trolling, and Harassment will not be tolerated. Period.

2) Pornographic material will not be tolerated and will be reported. Anything suggesting harm to minors and/or children (within common sense. Obviously, horror movies and stuff are different, but if you're psycho, we don't want you around. Serious) will be flagged, banned, and the subsequent user info given to the authorities.

3) Pictures can be creepy, but not overly gruesome. Please post more freaky pictures under a cut-respect that people might have a fear/phobia of something and not be comfortable with it. Respect that-if they mention they have a fear of something, do NOT comment with a picture of it in their thread. Not cool, and this will get you kicked under the harassment rule.

4) As the community grows, we may do watch and/or read alongs. Make sure you give us feedback on if you want this or not!

5) Please keep posts on topic-remember what the community is about and stick with it. Label personal experiences as such, movie critique, historical stuff, ect. Long entries should be cut. Off-topic (Non 'creepy') posts will be deleted.

6) This rule list will be further expanded on/ect. Right now your mods are Adnarel and Deadshepherd. We're accepting applications for more.

7) Questions? Comments? Email us at, or just PM Adnarel. :)

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